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Katlin Okamoto

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Katlin Okamoto is currently working with Soccer Without Borders in the development of their new Girls Program. Katlin, who is a recent graduate of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado is an accomplished soccer player and student. She was the co-captain of the Colorado College Women’s team and helped guide them to the NCAA tournament in 2006 for the first time in more then a decade. She also excelled off the field where she was an honor roll student majoring in Biology and Asian Studies. Katlin, a native of Taos, New Mexico, joins the Soccer Without Borders team as the Director of Girls Programs and is currently in the process of designing a progam that will promote girls involvement in soccer as well as encouraging self-esteem, leadership and healthy choices amongst participants. “I am looking forward to promoting girls involvement in sports in a way that respects cultural practices and is sustainable for the future." says Okamoto.


March 19-April 6
Germany, Austria, Vienna

April 7-23

April 23- May 19

May 19-22

May 22
Taos, NM


Soccer Without Borders

Mission Statement :

Soccer without Borders is a collaboration among athletes, coaches, educators and artists. We are committed to eroding the borders of prejudice and hate in their many forms by working together to promote a more harmonious world. We are staffed entirely by volunteers united by their desire to use soccer as a tool for positive change.  We are a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California, USA. Our mission is to use soccer as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of marginalized youth.

What We Do:
We use soccer as a tool for youth development. The Soccer without Borders program combines soccer instruction and play with arts based Life-skills Education. Through these activities, young people come into a greater understanding of their bodies, voices, minds and communities, encouraging them to make healthy choices for their futures. We build sustainable programs by providing the necessary resources, structures and support for local actors to continue running activities.

Where We Work:
We work with disadvantaged youth throughout the world who, due to a complex variety of social and economic factors, lack access to quality sport and educational opportunities.

Get Involved:
Thank you for visiting this site! Please click on the Soccer Without Borders link to learn more about our organization or Email: katlin@soccerwithoutborders.org. If you are interested in any of the other information on this site, you can also email Katlin at the following email address Email: katlin.okamoto@gmail.com.  Any and all inquiries are welcome!

Katlin Okamoto