Soccer After Dark and Soccer in the Park youth mentoring soccer skills program


Dates: Technical Skills Training Sessions will begin in November & conclude at the end of April
Days: Please view the calendar
Location: Our Lady of Guadalupe Gym
Time: 5-7 PM
Shinguards are required!

Advanced Skills: (Ages 10 and above)
Girls Night: (Girls & Women Only All Ages, sorry guys)
Tiny Tykes: (Beginning Skills Ages 9 and under) Note: These sessions will run during December (two sessions) & January (three sessions).

Tiny Tykes: The Tiny Tykes Skills sessions for the U9 & under will begin at 5:00 PM and conclude by 6:15 PM. The mentoring group will remain until 7:00 PM.

Indoor shoes & shinguards are required!
(The sessions are free of charge to all TYSL registered members & THS students) For more information contact Michael Hensley @ 770-6038)


It is the goal of the "Soccer in the Park" & "Soccer After Dark" youth programs to use soccer as a vehicle for positive change in the lives of youth throughout northern New Mexico.

The "Soccer in the Park" & "Soccer After Dark" programs combine both soccer instruction and life skills education. Activities help the youth in our community come into a greater awareness of their physical being, self-expression and creative reasoning. Youth are encouraged to make healthy life choices for their futures while at the same time feeling a sense of community.

Many of the area youth come from disadvantaged situations due to a complex variety of social and economic factors. The "Soccer in the Park" & "Soccer After Dark" youth programs help to fill the void where there is a lack of access to quality athletic and educational opportunities.


The "Soccer in the Park" & "Soccer After Dark" youth mentoring programs aspire to foster the physical, mental and emotional development of youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.

Additionally, it is the aim of these programs to create a soccer environment that develops confident, technically skilled players who have a passion and love for the game.